About SS@WS

Sauna Studies @ Western Sydney is a new multidisciplinary research group that has been created to promote the development of sauna research at both national and international levels. We seek to create knowledge about the health and social benefits of sauna.

The ultimate aim of the research group is to foster health, wellbeing, and community building, with a focus on the people and communities of Western Sydney.

Founded in 2019, we have commenced work by launching The Australian Sauna Motivations Project (TASMOP), which aims to investigate why people in Australia use sauna. Several other projects are in planning, so please register your interest if you would like to receive updates.

Our Aims

The aims and activity of SS@WS can be summarised as follows:

  • to begin the systematic investigation of sauna usage in Australia;
  • to build on existing scientific research about the physical and mental health effects of sauna;
  • to conduct technology and planning research to overcome current barriers to access;
  • to join international colleagues in establishing protocols for sauna research;
  • to partner with government, community, and industry groups to promote health and wellbeing initiatives in Western Sydney and beyond;
  • to raise the profile of sauna as a health and wellness activity in Australia;
  • to promote increased availability of public sauna and steam facilities in Australia.

The group has been established by Dr Jack Tsonis, lecturer in the Graduate Research School and founding president of the Australian Sweat Bathing Association (ASBA).

SS@WS is jointly hosted by THRI and NICM, the two major health institutes at Western Sydney University