The Australian Sauna Motivations Project (TASMOP)

We are conducting a survey to investigate why people in Australia use sauna.

You are eligible to participate in this survey if:  

1. You are at least 18 years old;  

2. You have had at least one (1) sauna in Australia in the previous 12 months.

** The survey will take 5-15 mins to complete, depending how much you want to write **


TASMOP is the first ever research survey targeted directly at people who use sauna in Australia.The aim of the project is to ask questions about why people in Australia use sauna, and to create momentum for more sauna research in Australia (and around the world). 

Sauna and other types of hot bathing have been part of human culture for thousands of years, and scientists have established increasing evidence about the numerous health benefits of such activity in recent decades. In summary, it appears that sauna has effects that are similar to moderate physical exercise – creating benefits in areas such as cardiovascular health, the immune system, sleep, and even long-term cognitive health.  

However, while various health topics have been studied, almost nothing is known about the people who actually use saunaIn other words, very little social science has been conducted to investigate the thoughts, behaviours, habits, and experiences of people who use sauna. This is a major gap in scientific understanding, and a barrier to promoting sauna as health and wellbeing activity more widely in Australia.  

For this reason, we have created TASMOP as a way to start mapping why people in Australia use sauna. We do not expect to capture all sauna users in Australia, but we expect to get results that will create directions for future research. 

What happens next?

TASMOP will remain open until near the end of 2019.

We anticipate that results will be formally published in 2020. To receive updates about the project, be sure to register your interest.

Project Team

Chief Investigator: Dr Jack Tsonis (Graduate Research School)

Co-Investigator: Dr Alex Norman (Graduate Research School)

Co-Investigator: Dr Sofia Eriksson (Western Sydney University, The College)

Co-Investigator: Dr Kathy Gooch (Western Sydney University, The College)

Co-Investigator: Dr Dave Drayton (Western Sydney University, The College)

Co-Investigator: Dr Karen Hutchings (MARCS Institute)

Co-Investigator: Ms Nicole Peel (School of Science and Health)